13 min to Daily Show

On Tuesdays & Thursdays, I get to watch the daily show from the night before cause my classes don’t start til 11:30. The countdown begins.

Tony – Apply to Grad School. Forget that ‘Lost’ show and work on your applications.

Can someone please tell me to find a part-time job? I desperately need one. I did a little budget type affair last night and man alive, I need some cashola. Hopefully, I will be able to finally finagle (sp?) a loan with my Ma. I’m supposed to be spending my free time intern/volunteering at various publ. house so that when job time comes, they hire me instantly. I hate hate hate being stressed about money. It seems I always am. I should learn not to spend money like S when I have a job. And to save it up & pay off debts when it’s coming in.

Thanks to the Centennial College Book Sale, i have a new reading addiction (farewell for now teen novels). Bought 5 mystery novels for 35 cents. Talk about suiting my aforementioned financial state. for you british types, 35 cents is 0.158204 pounds. for you japanese types, 35 cents is 30.8896 yen. hmm.

anywho. point being, reading my Inspector Wexford mystery and it’s set just outside of Lewes. That’s their major town. So of course, I have a perfect picture of the 5th prettiest village in Sussex. Or so the book calls it. Thanks all to Virginia Woolf and Claire.

now for the fake news…


3 thoughts on “13 min to Daily Show

  1. hey sugar,

    not quite sure if the thanks for lewes are justified. all your idee. a lovely one though. i just had a chocolate mint bliss and sat in teh park with russ-d and drank it. he wants to know if women ever think about going to propstitutes. i spoke for myself and then went out on a limb and said no for you too (hope thats okay).

    love and miss you and i wish it was the 16 of december

    also get a part time job. but i know you won’t listen cause you have to do things your way. its one of the reasons why i lurve you.

    x c.

  2. It had two memorable part time jobs at Uni. One was making boxes. They feed me which I was thought was pretty cool as I was growing tired of frozen Veggie meals but whenever the “mangager” paid me he said “here’s your pocket money”. It came in a brown envelope too. I suppose that was wage instead of a salary. I wanted to lamp him but that isnt really me. The other job was in warehouse above a shop. I dont know if you have shops like this in Canada but pretty much none of the stock is out and customers come in and look in the catelogue for what they want. They then go the desk/till and put there order in. A drone like me will then run around the upstairs warehouse and get the goods. Without exaggerating it was something out of a Terry Gilliam movie. The hierarchy was also hilarious. Well worth the lousy pay. Get a job they can be fun.
    If had more time I could tell you about my job as Teddy Ruskin but…

    btw as NW London MOT would say “i PROPERLEY love your blog”

    take care CC


  3. That you are reading mystery novels is a wonderful thing, and I say this as someone who carefully avoided reading mystery novels until I discovered that Poes stories were considered mysteries. I recommend Poe, Poe and more Poe. Nevermind what his name sounds like, he’s an excellent writer, though I doubt you’ll find five for a quarter and a dime. We don’t have quarters here, and I feel that’s a great blow to my enjoyment when calculating change at the grocery store or the 7-11.

    Here’s the thing about grad school: I’ll get on it. I appreciate your two sentence motivational speech, but really I need more words than that. Put some imagination into it, dammit! Also, did you know that back in the day some Cambridge lit undergrads discovered that Rudyard Kipling’s going rate was 10 shillings per word. They telegraphed him 10 shillings and said “Dr. Kipling, here is 10 shillings. Please give us one of your very best words.” His response was “Thanks”.

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