november rain

one of my religiously upheld traditions is to listen to november rain (more than once) on the first downpour in november. here we are. i didn’t have an umbrella today. my jeans were soaked nearly to my knees. socks squishy, runners liquid. papers in bag damp.

this lovely sweet girl named cheryl wasn’t in school today because her mum passed away last night. we all signed a cheesy sympathy card for her. and then sang happy birthday to brian with as much enthusiasm as could be mustered. odd day.

i have quite a pile of homework. growing pile. i should get crackin. but i’ve been feeling listless the past couple of days. not quite sure why. of course, the confirmation that over 50% of americans (who voted) truly are ignorant really knocks the wind out of a girl. not that kerry was some enlightened man who was going to bring america back from insanity. but still…the South is ruling America.

last night i went over to momma boylan’s and made a scrumptious lasagna for ma, ro & s. twas delightful. then we watched america’s next top model. twasn’t delightful.

it’s nathon’s bday today. do i call / email or let it lie? and tomorrow is tasha’s 25th. hurrah!

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