true blue

i think that true blue is one of madonna’s greatest records. it’s quite brilliant nonstop.

i should be studying nonstop but alas alack my dear friend jack. i used to want to name my kid Jack. Not anymore. That was in my terse american novelist days of fitzgerald & hemingway. now i’m more of an Adeline Virginia Stephen girl. Mixed with Madge.

Sarain & I went shopping for party supplies today. Bought Russ type drinks (vodkacran&smirnoffice). Smirn Office. Russ type food too. And we’re getting a cake with his grade 8 grad pic on it. ha ha. must remember to take pic.

None of you two assholes ever make any comments on my blog. How can I be a proper blogette if no one comments? I better send this to Erin…



One thought on “true blue

  1. Well you joker – I had to set up a blog to do it but i done it so here’s my commentary.

    I want to go to Russ’s party. I am MAD that I can’t. But in a non violent non aggressive sort of way. Can you have another one while I’m there?

    I am sad about the death of Jack. It was solid. Re: Adeline – have you heard Minnie Driver’s song of that name?

    Love yer guts

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