New Digs

I have abandoned Diaryland. Mainly because blogger looks better. So I welcome my two readers to my new digs.

I am supposed to be doing homework. Alas, alack. I have to write a profile for my writing class. It’s on Sarainy Rain. So far so good. It twas pretty funny interviewing her. I had a taperecorder and questions all typed out. She was a very good sport. And eloquent. She does say “phenomenal” and “fantastic” a lot. These are the things I gathered when I typed out the transcript.

Russ’ 30th birthday is next friday and there is now a plan in the works for a surprise party. It was not my idea. I was going for a boring and lame non-event because i am a bad friend/wife. Lucky for Russ other people care too. Like Roji & Eric & Sarain. We are having a planning meeting this eve. Good thing Russ doesn’t use Safari or know about the switch from diary to blog. Cause then the surprise would be out the window.

I watched the third and final u.s. presidential debate last night. It was the same as Round One and Two. Except George W. had a giant ball of spittle in the corner of his mouth for 45 minutes. It was hard to watch. They’re both nut-jobs. But I do like some things Kerry has to say. Especially when he talks about how despite his Catholic beliefs, he knows he can’t legislate his own articles of faith on Americans who don’t share them. God Bless That One. As for Georgie…


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