better than before: day 15

Everything’s gone out the window! Sleeping in. Maxing and relaxing. No yoga or exercise or nuthin’. Having a nice hang with my ma and doing some light unpacking / organizing. Not feeling too guilty about dropping my habits either.

I waited a full 36 hours before explaining the Four Tendencies to my mom and she laughed out loud at the fact that I was an obliger, because it is so on point.

In other news I got lotsa good stuff at the craft show yesterday and a string of mini gold disco balls for office hols decor, which my mum declared “beyond tacky.” Indeed it is!

Gonna do some garden-assisting today. Whip this place into shape. (The river is just beyond those trees.)

better than before: day 14

yesterday’s feeling of pettiness is only amplified today in light of the news. I find it hard to know how to react to these kinds of attacks in a public/social media forum. So often there are civilians killed in acts of war/aggression, and it is barely a blip on my radar. If I even know at all. I didn’t know about the Beirut attack until I was seeing the Paris attacks unfold on Twitter. Or the attack on a hospital where MSF doctors were working a little bit ago. Shouldn’t I be mourning all of these acts of terror equally? What are we supposed to do to make any difference beyond a retweeted message of peace seen only by our own social circle? I guess the answer is engage in politics in our own country and work to ensure that our international policies reflect our beliefs. Give a shit more often.

I’m in Owen Sound this weekend and it is all farmers markets and craft shows and a freaking Christmas Train — ornaments and decorations for sale in a 1953 dining car. Sometimes it really is Stars Hollow here. The bus ride yesterday was 5 hours of sitting,listening to other people’s conversations — and Sigur Ros. No exercise hour, low step count — got in late, hung out w my ma, and then to bed. So not as easy as I thought it would be to keep up.

And doing yoga without a yoga mat is a little slip-slide-y.

love, love, love


better than before: day 13

happy friday the 13th! or happy taylor day if you are a hardcore swift fan.

535525255yesterday I was officially Back on Track with all the things, so phew. I skipped a friend hang last night to pack for Owen Sound and to make sure I actually goddamn did my effing exercise. Which I did. New York City Ballet Workout, featuring Peter Martins narrating in his Danish accent. My favourite part is when he assures you that “Though these exercises are done on the floor, you will see their effects when you are standing.” Uh, okay. Did an image search on my pal Mr. Martins and I will now picture him thusly, always. He kinda reminds me of the Maestro character in The Money Pit, Shelley Long’s ex-husband?

Watch The Money Pit if you’ve never seen it. I’m sure it stands the test of time. It’s from the good old days when Tom Hanks was funny.

In Happier podcast news, yesterday’s episode was on the Rebel tendency and I wish they’d gone for hours. Lotsa rebels in my midst, and figuring out how to deal with ’em effectively would be Very Helpful.

What else? Weekend at my ma’s place will feature a farmers’ market AND a craft show, what-what, and I think I’ll be able to keep most of my habits in place.

ALSO for the record, all this blogging about the minutiae of my life is very weird to me, but it’s helping me stick to stuff. So. I’ll just intermittently state that I don’t think this report on whether or not I washed my face is, like, fascinating in any way, shape, or form; it’s just super helpful. (And yes I did wash my face. I’m so fresh and so clean-clean.)


better than before: day 12

morning, pals. back to the routine this a.m. while I did google ‘exercise for hungover idiots’ last night, I didn’t actually DO any exercise. So, yep. Demerits. And I’m headed to Owen Sound for the weekend tomorrow, which means a four-hour bus ride aka extended sit-a-thon (on Fri and Mon) and even more disruption to the routine. I think I’ll be able to get in my steps and my yoga’ing pretty easily, but I’ll have to figure out the exercise portion. My ma bought a treadmill of some sort, maybe it’s set up and I can get on there. Or I guess YouTube will still work in O.S., and I could just do my dance body burn grapevine party there? Of course I could. Dunzo.

In Four Tendencies news, I am slowly making everyone I know take the quiz, and my dad’s a Questioner, which I correctly guessed. Woot.

05-53391_heroMajor fuck-up this week aside, I am super into my new mornings, I gotta say. While I don’t ever want to get out of bed, once I’m up, I’m happy to be stretching with Rodney (he’s pretty chill and easy-going and there are ocean noises in the bg); I like not having to think about what’s for breakfast and just making my Red River; and I like this hour and a half to work on projects. It’s oddly peaceful. Evenings I don’t feel like I’ve totally cracked yet.

In current events, everything is the worst and people keep killing each other. (There you go, Laura! You are totally caught up on the day’s news.) The weather will be rainy and cloudy and windy, with a high of 11. Woah and tomorrow night, we’re dipping down to -1!

And the big question is can I wear a black motorcycle jacket with brown cowboy boots? Or is that just too mismatched and kinda costume-y? Go ahead:

better than before: day 11

today, really, the blog post should be called Worse than Before.


Sorry for the all-caps but that is what all noise sounds like today, tooooo loud and shhhhh. I took the day off work to wallow in my feeling poorly. In the history of hangovers, this one is really not that bad. No barfs or drama, just total over-tiredness (thanks 6 a.m. wake-up and bad boozy sleep!) and a nice solid red-wine headache that refuses to be defeated. I probably could’ve gone to work, but I don’t think it’s fair to the book I’m editing, to subject it to my half-functioning brain. Day of rest = much better for all involved. Especially me.

26So, ya, I have totally bailed on all the habits today. No walking, no yoga, no morning routine of this-that-and-the-other. The only positive thing is I haven’t broken my No-vember list today, since my house has no forbidden foods in it and I’ve been eating oranges and toast and tea to survive.

I did break the No-vember list last night — had a beer and beer is on the no-fly list. DEMERIT. I also smoked, which I only do in the state of drunkenness, and holy doodle does it make me feel terrible the next day. I may have to ban smoking entirely, and see if that bright line rule holds when I’m in my cups. Also, you know, I could Not Drink So Much and eat a bigger supper beforehand and just generally be smarter in all the totally obvious ways. Geez, Calhoun.

Yesterday was my official evening off exercise, so um tonight I have to?? Oh god. I am going to google exercises for people with hangovers and see what I get. Is there a workout-while-napping option?

Alsooo I forgot that my blog automatically gets posted on my Goodreads, and I think on my Amazon author page and who knows where else I linked it when I was Author-ing, so hi world yes I had too much red wine I’m really happy to be telling you all.  

Had a super time with my work chums tho. <3

better than before: day 10

Major news on the Revamp Project: I am getting pretty good at the dance workout moves, so next time you see me on the dance floor, I may bust out some sick grapevines. If I could make gifs, I would make one of the move at 16:57, which never fails to make me think I am starring in Cats! for one split second.

Not too much to report other than that important tidbit. New bedtime of 10 seems way better so far, but tonight it’ll get effed up with the Giller Lite. I haven’t set myself a strict go-home time; maybe I should. (Also what time do I wake up tomorrow morning? The usual and get less sleep than I normally do? Or get the sleep but miss the morning routine? So many questions! So few answers.)

One thing I would love some suggestions for: TREATS. I’m not having the usual food treats of, like, cupcakes or cheezies, but I’m not in the habit of other kinds of treats (most of the examples in the comments on that post do not really appeal to me). Last week, I decided to get a v. delicious latte on my way into work, which I don’t normally do (now that we are far from a Starbucks), which was an A+ treat. Another day, I lay back down in bed for a cuddly 5 minutes, which was also A+ on the treat scale. But, you know, I’d like to have more treats in my day. Ideas welcome! #treatyoself (Watching that clip def counts as a treat. I love them.)

better than before: day 9

morning, pals. not a heck of a lot to report on — I’m feeling all Monday morning / fresh start / new week. I’m dropping the writing project I started last week (I wrote a terrible short story, you guys! it’s not even a story, so much as a collection of words), and diving into my bigger project as of this morning. That’s what I really want to be working on, and I am just kinda terrified of it. So, no more avoiding it.

For the first time this morning, my weigh-in had a HIGHER number than the day before. Boooo. I am not officially in this habits game to lose weight, but it was a nice little trend to watch — teeny tiny drops each day (my scale weighs in tenths of a kg). But I’ll take the upward # as more motivation for exercising, and recommitting to the No-vember list. Not ready for a proper lose-weight goal just yet. Let’s just not gain weight, which is what I have been doing for the past decade. I would really NOT like to see my ECW start date picture in 2005 vs me now. (Of course, in 2005, I thought I needed to drop some poundage too. Geez, girl didn’t know what lay ahead.)

I like to explain all my behaviour on Obliger Rebellion, my favourite term in the world, but there may be something to my decision to stop caring so much about what I looked like (which happened around that time) to an Obliger Rebellion. It was definitely deliberate, and while I’m all for throwing off the ridiculous and restrictive and damaging ideas of what women should look like, I definitely misstepped by developing some crappy diet and (lack of) exercise habits. Kids at home: don’t do that, but fuck the patriarchy.

Have you started watching Master of None? Recommended. Denise is my #1 fave. <3