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Hey TVDers,

I want to re-watch the amazing, heartbreaking, scary-as-heck “Let the Right One In” before posting on it but in the meantime, have a read of this essay about Damon’s character and search for meaning: You’re Dead, Dude. Get Over It. It’s an interesting look at why Damon is the way he is. Lots to think about in there!

And there’s more exciting news about serious Vampire Diaries discussion: Vampire-Diaries.net’s Red and Vee announced that they are editing a book of essays on TVD to be published in October; the book’s called A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls & you can learn all about it & see the awesome cover over on Vampire-Diaries.net. Can’t wait to read it! And of course, I’m working away on Love You to Death: The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries (September, ECW; available for pre-order on Amazon.com). The first part is now being edited as I toil on the episode guide — my favorite part, let’s be honest. Watching and re-watching The Vampire Diaries? Win.

Vampire Diaries Returns Thursday

The trailer for “A Few Good Men” below, as well as the web clips. Which I think I’m *not* going to watch in an effort to go into this episode un-spoiled. We’ll see if I last the week without peeking; those clips of Damon in the trailer make it very very difficult.

Julie Plec tweeted, “Every day for the next week, remind someone you know that The Vampire Diaries is coming back on Thursday.” Remind your Mystic Falls–loving friends! All new TVD on the 25th.

Big News: The Vampire Diaries & Me

Since we are without a brand new episode of The Vampire Diaries tonight, I thought I’d jump on the empty Thursday evening and make a big announcement.

I am thrilled, excited, a little nervy, and pleased to tell you that I am writing a book on The Vampire Diaries to published this September by ECW Press. Following the same format as my first book, Spotted: Your One and Only Unofficial Guide to Gossip Girl, this companion guide will feature an episode-by-episode analysis as well as all the info on the cast, creators, crew, and of course the books by L.J. Smith that brought Stefan, Elena, Damon, and company into our world.

We just finalized the cover design this afternoon. I am in love with it. I may have to get a giant print of it and adorn my bedroom wall. This photo captures that brilliant dynamic between the Salvatore brothers, and I love that Elena is at the center — right where she should be. Big thanks to Rachel Ironstone for the design.

Love You to Death The Unofficial Companion to the Vampire Diaries

the following events take place between 9 a.m. & 10 a.m.

Morning, my pals! my roommate Adam is watching 24 and Mr. Callum Keith Rennie is in this episode. So is Katee Sackoff. Battlestar Galactica party! In case you were wondering, I am still upset with that show for its finale, but the annoyance is lessening and the nostalgia for that mostly genius show is growing.

Zip sent me Step Up, the 2006 dance flick starring Channing Tatun and Jenna Dewan (who, Wikipedia informs me, have since married). I had seen Step Up 2: The Streets; the talking parts were intolerable, the dancing parts pretty good! Step Up is all good: totally predictable (to the point where I said, “Within five minutes, this will happen,” and then it did — in four) and pretty heavy-handed with all the talk about getting a second chance (it’s even on the movie poster, i see!). But it’s full, full, full of dancing and both leads are charming. Enough that I am now considering seeing Dear John to see more Channing Tatum with the always watchable Amanda Seyfried. Let’s be honest, it will be better (i.e., cheesy in a good way) than Valentine’s Day and it’s hard not to see ONE of the super cheese romance movies. And I want to see Tatum in Fighting even more than I already did — that’s the one that’s like Step Up but with street fighting swapped in for dancing. Win!

Whilst the Olympics are on, I’m thinking of rewatching this season’s Gossip Girl episodes so far. It’s been so long I hardly remember what’s going on. Serena is with Carter Tripp Nate?

New promo for The Vampire Diaries!

Unpleasantville Recap of Recaps!

Looking for more Vampire Diaries coverage? Give Me My Remote’s recap is up.

Lindy hop your way over here my friend. How fun was it to see Stefan loosen up a bit? He looked like he was actually having fun with his girlfriend. Keep shining. Keep smiling, Stefan. I like it.

And/or head to Zap2It’s post: “Twists and turns, while a history teacher yearns.” And TWOP’s recaplet is up, and has my favorite line from last night as its title: “Your Diabolical Plan: The Sequel.”

**Mandi Bierly’s recap is up on Popwatch. She is hilarious and has great points about the Buffyness of the episode & its genius moments.

Preview for next week! “Children of the Damned” (thanks Vampire-Diaries.net!)

And on a sidebar note: Malese Jow who plays Anna — can poor Jeremy never find a girl who’s right for him?? — once played Miranda Cosgrove’s look-alike on iCarly. (These are the fun facts you learn working on the ECW Crew!) And if Malese ever needs a look-alike to play her, I nominate my former housemate, actor Michelle Adams. (Who I happened to run into on the streetcar on the way to watch TVD last night!)

Preview clips: tomorrow’s TVD “Unpleasantville”

after last week’s multiple & awesome reveals, The Vampire Diaries returns tomorrow night with the sock-hop! Previews, webclips below! I’m going to attempt to blog on the ep from my, errr, Knitting Club — which could more accurately be called the Drinking Wine and Watching TVD club. Can.Not.Wait.

the trailer

the preview

web clips after the jump!

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